I share because I care. I unfollow because I’m fickle.

Consider yourself warned. If you follow my blog, you’re going to see links.

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A clever hack, a delicious recipe, or a funny meme causes my cursor to hover over the share icon. I don’t know if it springs from my journalism training or a character defect, but I feel a compulsion to pass along these little gems.

It’s not a SEO thing. That would imply that I understand search engines, which I assure you, I do not. The thought of spiders crawling around my website sends shivers up my spine. It’s more an ‘I’m thinking of you’ thing. If Aunt Sally goes gluten-free, and I see a tasty recipe for gluten-free banana bread, wouldn’t it be inconsiderate not to send it? (No, I don’t have that link. I made it up. It’s an example.)

When I share information, I’m saying I care. I saw this and I thought of you. That’s also why I hit like on Facebook or the heart icon on Instagram. I’m here. I’m listening. We’re connected.

No matter what my children may tell you, I do NOT share all the shiny jewels I find. I often restrain myself. I deleted all the links from this post and it’s about links. Any information sent to them is for their welfare. Did they watch the weather report? Do they know they need to wear raingear today?

I’ve found a public blog makes the decision about what to share more complicated. Online etiquette is a tricky business. For instance, I received a thought provoking and well written e-mail about the mindset of success. However, it didn’t display any share buttons or link to a blog post. Without permission, would quoting it be a faux pas? I cared, so I didn’t share.

Don’t tell anyone, but I don’t read all the links so generously forwarded to me. As the receiver I can choose to read, ignore, or block the sender. I can’t spend all day ducking into rabbit holes. Dinner must be cooked! Writing must be done! My Fitbit must be fed! Blog posts don’t write themselves.

A humorous or helpful site will be added to my list. If I tire of it, I let it go. When my inbox overflows and my ‘for later’ folder would take longer to read than War and Peace, unsubscribe is my workout’s best friend. I cull the senders. Goodbye author, advice giver, marketing expert. It’s nothing personal, it’s my time management thing.

You may share this post if you wish. I won’t complain-unless you’re planning to be snarky. In that case, you can keep it to yourself. Leave a comment. What compels you to share or delete?

2 thoughts on “I share because I care. I unfollow because I’m fickle.”

  1. I recently found a class that is supposed to teach me how to make gluten free carrot cake. (Grin)
    Sharing is a modern commodity. And you’re right…how much time we have is limited. So we dash around…and occasionally leave a comment when we see something fun — like this!

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