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If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one book, which would you choose?

Could you winnow it down to one?

I couldn’t. I’d cheat.

My book would be an e-reader with a power source and Wi-Fi connection. Technically it is one book-sized item, and I’d be guaranteed to have my favorites as well as a constant fresh supply. Throw in a hammock and I might stay forever.

Sometimes my reading habit gets out of control. Like a child in a candy store, my eyes tend to be bigger than my stomach (or my leisure time). Here’s the list of titles I’m currently reading or recently finished:

I have no affiliation with the titles listed and included the links for your convenience.

That list doesn’t include my want-to-read books, blogs, magazines, Facebook posts, newsletters, or e-mails. In my defense, sometimes a bunch of my library holds become available at the same time. That’s not my fault. You wouldn’t believe how much reading gets done when I have a looming due date.

This isn’t a new habit, it’s a well-entrenched behavior. In my younger days, I’d cruise the library shelves and pick up books until I could no longer balance the stack. With the availability of e-books, I don’t have to trek to the library or the bookstore. I can add titles to my heart’s content and never overflow my condo-sized bookshelf.

I will read most any genre and take suggestions from many sources, friends and family, fellow writers, talk shows, bestseller lists, movies. I may not always be reading the most recent releases, but I’ll get to them eventually. Diet, self-help, and writing craft books are like kryptonite to my daily chores. I often ingest them in one sitting. If I had lost ten pounds for every diet book I read, well, I wouldn’t need to lose ten pounds now.

My favorite authors’ social media accounts serve as another prolific resource. I learn about new releases, enter contests, and sometimes find an opportunity to serve as an early reviewer or beta reader. I landed a spot on Susan Mallery’s review crew and I’ve received copies of her newest releases in exchange for honest reviews.

The Seattle Public Library hosts activities, author appearances, and encourages book clubs. 2018 marks the twentieth year of the Seattle Reads program, where Seattle residents are encouraged to read and discuss a single title. This year’s book is is Homegoing by YAA Gyasi. I don’t want to miss out so it’s on my list.

In reviews I tend to be less of a critic and more of a cheerleader. Writing a book is a lot harder than it looks and a lot of criticism merely reflects personal preferences. (Yes, I know there are some horrible books out there. I would never tell you to read those.) No plot rehashes or spoilers, but I can share why I read a book, how I found out about it, and what I learned or felt. If my comments make you curious, I invite you to read it yourself and share your thoughts.

Do you have a book to add to my list? Add the title to the comments and you might see it in a future post.

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