What keeps you coming back?

One of my favorite newsletters recently ended. For many years the inspirational missive appeared weekly in my inbox. The writer offered life and business coaching, but I never signed up to be client or attended his annual retreat. Yet, I looked forward to reading each newsletter.

Even on a busy week, I would at least skim it. Why? He was upbeat. He suggested positive habits and offered free e-books to increase productivity. But what really kept me coming back were his heartfelt, and slightly self-depreciating stories. He might write about his wife, with tenderness, respect and appreciation. Sometimes he told about sunrise walks with his dog. At first, he sauntered with his declining older dog, and later bounded along with a new puppy. He might report a healthy lifestyle struggle, or rant about daylight savings time. Even though I never met him, I felt as if I’d received a letter from a friend.

He always ended the e-mail with a joke, humorous story, or list of puns that he’d received from his readers. Sometimes he’d repeat them, but that was okay. They were just as clever the second time.

I never considered culling his name from my e-mail list, so I feel the loss in my weekly routine. It’s the same feeling I get at the finale of a favorite TV show, the last book in a series, or (sigh) when a computer program updates.

The end of the newsletter made me wonder, what is it that keeps me coming back? I dug into my current favorites and discovered a few reasons.

• I learn something. Currently I enjoy visiting Kitchn. It inspires me to try new recipes and offers a variety of home content, organization, reviews of small appliances, suggestions for menus, tips for shopping, and links to other food blogs. Although, it can monopolize my reading time…

• I laugh. I stumbled onto Immerse or Die Report through another writer’s blog. Jefferson Smith chooses books to read while he does a forty minute treadmill workout. When he gets pulled out of the story, he stops reading. Whether it’s  typos, formatting, grammar, logic errors, or word choices, he’s brutally hilarious. I hope he never finds my stories.

• I find book suggestions. Don’t you hate when you miss a new book by one of your favorite authors? They MUST be followed. One of my usual sites is in danger because the blogger dropped his currently reading list. I LOVED his book suggestions.

• I stay informed about local events. A lot of my personal social media involves local news stations, city and county government agencies, and neighborhood groups. I discover local events, activities, concerns and stay updated on what’s happening in my neighborhood.

I’m sure my must read list will continue to evolve. You can be assured if something catches my attention, I’ll be happy to share. Do you have a favorite blog or website? What keeps you coming back? Share your thoughts in the comments.

2 thoughts on “What keeps you coming back?”

  1. Y’know…I just watched the last episode of a favorite show (Shield of Tomorrow). I came to it late, and caught up just in time to see it end. It was an odd show, my family and friends could not understand my passion for, but it enchanted me. I don’t love to watch TV. Usually I’m much more into reading, but my to read list has grown beyond my life expectancy (grin). So most of my favorite authors have lost my interest. (With the exception of Jefferson Smith — isn’t he fabulous?? I will also still make time for Joseph Lallo…)

    What keeps me coming back? With Jo Lallo, it’s his delightful wit and his cheerful outlook. I feel like I’m reading classic sf where there is hope and joy and outright silliness in the universe. I don’t always have time to stalk him to see what he is up to, but I read his newsletters…and pre buy his books.

    This show was different. It captivated me. I stalked the forums. I loved the characters. I loved the fans. There was an on-line chat during every episode, so you could see the fans interacting. They became a part of the show (and were even written into a few episodes). It was story-telling on the fly, live, influenced by dice-roll randomness and the creativity of the actors. I loved the medium where it was part game, part TV show, part creative writing, and part sheer silliness.

    I want to write something that brilliant, that engaging. I think what drew me to it was a fascination with the art and a desire to learn how they could capture such emotional moments while being so playful.

    I think in some ways, I’ve become bored with traditional storytelling. Mostly, though, I want hope. I want joy in the stories that I read and watch. I want to see something positive. There can be challenges, but I want something that gives me hope that the future will be bright.

    OH — and I don’t read many blogs. What keeps me reading yours? Your smile. The delight you have in the art. I’m very curious where you are going to go next!

    1. Thank you! You are so sweet!
      I agree, I like to find something positive, joy filled, and humorous.
      I hadn’t heard of that show, sounds intriguing. I think you are correct. The way stories are told will change with the advances given to us by technology. I think we will keep traditional books, but new methods will also emerge. It’s so fascinating to watch, but frustrating to learn and try to keep up to date.

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