Argosy Tour Boat at Pier 55 Seattle WA

Touring at Home

Do you play tourist in your town? My husband and I often do. We aren’t Seattle natives, so we enjoy exploring the area. Recently we took an Argosy (your friend with a boat) locks cruise. They offer various opportunities for visitors to experience Seattle from the water. (See their link here.)

Our tour started on Pier 55 near the Seattle ferry dock. We journeyed along the waterfront near Seattle’s Great Wheel, Alaska bound cruise ships, and the Seattle Aquarium.



A chilly wind blew off the cool water as we made our way through Elliott Bay, passed the lovely houses perched in Magnolia, viewed the lighthouse in Discovery Park and continued east toward the Lake Washington Ship Canal. Although the Olympic Mountains were obscured due to wildfire smoke, we saw two eagles soaring overhead.

The ship canal is a man made passage that connects the salt waters of Puget Sound with the fresh waters of Lake Union and Lake Washington.  In order to sail between these bodies of water all ships from commercial fishing vessels, to sailboats, kayaks, and pleasure boats must pass through the Hiram M. Chittenden or Ballard Locks. (See information about the locks here.)

We’d visited the locks as landlubbers. (See another post about the Ballard area here.) It was fun to be on the ship this time. Below our vessel is in the lock traveling east toward Lake Union.



Once through the locks, we viewed houseboats (including the one from Sleepless in Seattle) paddle boarders, and a seal.


Our trip ended on Lake Washington. With the wildfire smoke, the skyline looked more like it does on a cloudy winter day.



All in all it was a fun adventure-and we walked home afterward. What’s your favorite tourist activity in your home city?

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