Trolly for Seattle Storm WNBA Championship parade

Congratulations to the Seattle Storm, 2018 WNBA Champs!

I’m not going to lie. Life in the city comes with challenges-noise, traffic, and much smaller grocery stores-but there are also advantages. One of the best perks is proximity and access to fun events. Last Sunday I walked a few blocks to the Seattle Center and cheered on the Seattle Storm, 2018 WNBA champions. (That’s women’s basketball for any of you who don’t follow sports.)

2018 Seattle Storm Championship Parade

The Storm capped their winning season by sweeping the Washington Mystics for their third WNBA title. (They previously won it in 2004 and 2010.)  I call that a parade-worthy achievement. You can read more about the celebration here.

WNBA Seattle Storm flag on the Space Needle in Seattle
The Seattle Storm flag flies over the Space Needle.

Activities included flying the team flag over the Space Needle, parading the players to Key Arena in trolley cars, and renaming a city street for the Seattle Storm.

Fans lining the streets at the Seattle Storm victory parade
The local media interviews fans waiting for the Seattle Storm parade.

I joined lots of other fans and local media who lined the street and waved to MVP Breanna Stewart, veteran Sue Bird, and the rest of the team. I saw the three trophies but didn’t manage to snap a great picture. Making the event even more dramatic, an actual rainstorm hit as the team reached our spot.

Storm clouds over Seattle
Rain clouds greeted the Seattle Storm as they reached Key Arena.

2016 Seattle Sounders MLS Champion Parade

Yet this isn’t the first time I was able to participate in a championship parade. In 2016, I went to the celebration for the Seattle Sounders soccer team. They won a penalty kick shootout against Toronto to win the MLS Cup that season. See an article about the match here.

MLS Championship Cup
MLS Championship Cup
2012016 Seattle Sounders MLS Champions celebration at the Seattle Center
Fans cheered for the 2016 MLS Champion Seattle Sounders at a Seattle Center rally.

2014 Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Parade

The city went crazy after the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Denver Broncos and won Super Bowl XLVIII. Some estimates claimed the crowd that lined the two-mile parade route numbered over 700,000. I was there! It was so cold and there were so many people, but it was so exciting to cheer them on. You can read more about the celebration here

Superbowl Trophy
The Vince Lombardi Trophy from Superbowl XLVIII.  
2014 Seattle Seahawks Superbowl Parade
The crowd goes wild for the XLVIII Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks.

I follow sports, but I’m no face-painting super-fan. If I didn’t live in the city, I probably wouldn’t have been able to attend any of these events.  Yet, I do, I did, and I took all these pictures in person. (Obviously I was too short to get a good picture of the Seahawks players. For better pictures see the links I included.) Even though life in the city has its issues, I love the perks and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

Have you been to a championship parade? Share in the comments.

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