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I’m Learning!

On a scale from novice to expert, how would you rate your technology expertise? Are you a Neanderthal or Einstein? Although I’d never be mistaken for a software genius, I’d peg myself a few notches above clueless. I’ve learned to download an app, send a text or an email, and navigate social media.

I love the cool advantages my gadgets provide. My phone travels with me. I can instantly send out a photo, stream a movie, or download a bestseller. Maps and websites appear at the tap of my finger. I can type all day long and never use a drop of BIC® Wite Out®. (If you don’t recognize that product-be grateful. I’d have never completed college without it.)

My computerized devices perform wondrous miracles, but they aren’t always intuitive. They don’t work like my refrigerator. Open door, insert items, close door. If they don’t stay cold, I call appliance repair. Software comes with system requirements, memory usage, and compatibility issues. To make matters worse, once I’m comfortable using a program, inevitably someone changes it. Upgrades…AHHHHH…

However, if I want to maintain this website, I need to keep learning. Blogs must be posted, privacy statements written, mailing lists compiled. I often feel completely clueless, like I’m missing a geek gene or some secret insider knowledge. Some people appear to understand error messages, remember keyboard shortcuts, or effortlessly install software. Should you really have to Google something to figure out how it works?

If a process comes with step-by-step instructions, like a recipe, of course I can follow it. However, most software seems to arrive with confusing, contradicting, or translation-required directions. There are acronyms I don’t understand, settings I didn’t realize I needed, file sizes in numbers (gigabytes?) that make no sense to me. If you need some chocolate chip cookies, I’m your girl. If you need your search engine optimized, I suggest you find someone better qualified.

I know my limits and I know what I don’t know. I don’t install software drivers, find missing files, or speak in tongues, I mean, programming languages. One thing I DO know how to do is ask LOTS of questions. How did you do that? What’s that setting? Where did my file go? Where’s the tech support number? I drive my more tech-sophisticated family members crazy.

I also take classes. As I mentioned in this post, I’m taking Maximize Your Crazy Awesome Author Website.  Lisa Norman is an awesome, patient, and supportive teacher. The type who can take technical issues and explain them in a way even I can grasp. Also, with Lisa no question is a stupid question, (even if technically it IS a stupid question). I may raise my expertise rating yet.

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