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365 Pristine Squares

I receive a new wall calendar each Christmas. It’s practical, yet pretty; sensible, yet satisfying. A year’s worth of blank boxes precisely organized into the weeks and months of the upcoming year. I feel a surge of mystical anticipation when I flip through the pages and contemplate what may unfold over the next 365 days.

By next December the calendar will be marked, somewhat legibly, with appointments, trips, birthdays, and reminders. The generic grid morphs into a well-worn personal record of the year’s events, some trivial, others noteworthy. It becomes a journal to be stowed in my annual scrapbook of photos, ticket stubs, and greeting cards. However, when first unwrapped it’s a blank slate, picture-perfect and full of promise.

One of my annual Christmas-to-New-Year chores is transferring birthdays, known appointments, and upcoming events onto the new calendar. I enjoy discovering which day of the week birthdays and holidays will occur. Is it a leap year? Will Easter be early or late?  Sometimes the transfer is bittersweet. While new dates may be added, suddenly others are no longer celebrated. The greeting card list changes with births, deaths, weddings, or divorces. From one year to the next, life seldom stands still.

The wall calendar hangs in the kitchen and serves as an old-school family planner. With a glance we know who needs to be where and when. I check it before I make my weekly menu or order tickets to a lecture at the Pacific Science Center. We never forget a Seattle Symphony night or Seattle Repertory performance.  We avoid potential exasperating conflicts. (Don’t schedule a date night on a vital meeting day or ask me to lunch during my hair appointment.) See some of my event posts here.

Of course, we’ve moved into the modern age. Our smart phones serve as on-the-go and personal schedulers. Separate work and individual goals don’t belong on the kitchen wall. (I like planners also, but they are for MY eyes only.) Yet, filling in my no-tech calendar prepares and inspires me to venture into the new year.

Do you use a wall calendar? Share in the comments!

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