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My Guilty Pleasure…Television Version

Are you a secret foodie, reality show follower, or contest junkie? Do you settle in front of your television (or favorite streaming device) with the remote control (or headphones), your favorite beverage, a tasty snack, and a sense of indulgence? What’s your guilty viewing secret?

I love television programs where an expert arrives on the scene to help the poor saps-I mean, weekly subjects-clear clutter, train their children (or animals) or renovate their homes. I’m a sucker for an episode of Supernanny, Love it or List it, or My Cat from Hell. The end reveal satisfies something in my order loving soul. (No, I don’t spend all day watching television, but when I do… you can bet there’s an “expert” fixing something.)

Want to hear my latest obsession? A new Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. (My apologies if you aren’t a Netflix subscriber.)  She popped onto the scene with her tidying philosophy and clever clothes folding technique. She must have a great promotional team also because she’s been on ALL my feeds this week. If you haven’t heard of her, you’ll find her website here.

In each episode she helps a family conquer their STUFF, so technically the show is about handling clutter. (Literally-you hold it to see if it sparks joy.) I don’t think this violates my January advice moratorium (see this post) because I’m not telling you to de-clutter, I’m telling you how much I enjoy watching someone else do it.

So often the subjects don’t realize they cause their own problems. For some reason, (my inner parent?) I truly enjoy hearing the experts guide them to the (obvious) solution. Their advice usually boils down to basic common sense: dogs need walks, kids need naps, or nobody needs ninety pairs of shoes!

During his high school years, my son would arrive home to catch me watching a de-cluttering show set in England. The subjects must have been the worst housekeepers on earth. The hosts would swoop in and teach people to wash dishes, clean bathrooms, and take out their trash. Honestly, TAKE OUT THEIR TRASH. My son would shake his head and say I only watched it because it made me feel superior. That could be true. My house may not be perfect, but I do take out the garbage.

There is one January challenge I will mention, Peter Walsh’s ‪#‎31Days2GetOrganized 2019‬. Each day he posts a task that motivates you to organize your space. Since we’ve downsized and remodeled, I’ve completed most of this year’s suggestions. (At least so far, but stay tuned!) I’ve been a fan of Peter since he appeared on Clean Sweep, a Discovery TLC show, that originated in 2003. He and the Clean Sweep team would go into a disaster of a house, get rid of the clutter, and redecorate. Since the show ended, he has written several books, and offers tips on Facebook and television. His helpful hints are as difficult for me to resist as another episode of Tidying Up.

Can you guess what I’ll be doing after I post this? What’s your type of guilty pleasure…television version?  Share in the comments (but remember this is a PG rated blog.)

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