California Girls-Goodreads Review

California Girls
  • California Girls by Susan Mallery
  • Fiction: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Romance
  • Tone: An uplifting tale of how three sisters respond, regroup, and recover after devastating life changes. You’ll enjoy it!
  • Take Away: Heartbreak and healing times three!
  • How I discovered this title: I’m a member of Susan Mallery’s review crew and received a copy in exchange for a fair review.

In California Girls, Susan Mallery interlaces the stories of three sisters all dumped the same week. Finola is blindsided by her husband’s infidelity. Zennie’s casual boyfriend can’t deal with her lack of passion, and Ali’s fiancé cancels their wedding. Yet life continues after a break-up, so each also deals with her career, friends, and a mother who desperately wants grandchildren.

The women’s trials aren’t trivialized, but handled with love, grace, and even laughter. Even though the situations can be heart wrenching, the book is NOT depressing. They encounter the expected emotional aftershocks, but also forge ahead into their new lives. And, YES, that includes romance and passion.

FYI, this novel contains sexual situations and I received a promotional copy in exchange for an honest review. See my previous posts that refer to Susan Mallery here and here. I also posted a review of her novel When We Found Home here.

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