Month: July 2019

Atomic Habits-Goodreads Review

This book came to me highly recommended and did not disappoint. James Clear explains not only how habits form, but why we should pay attention. His advice is practical, positive, encouraging, and approachable.


I’m Fine and Neither are You-Goodreads Review

Penny-a stressed out wife, mother, and employee thinks her stay-at-home husband is lazy, and she resents that her job has derailed her dreams. She longs for the picture perfect home of her best friend and successful lifestyle blogger, Jenny. However when Jenny unexpectedly dies, Penny must face the truth. She didn’t know Jenny as well as she thought.


Thin Air (Jessica Shaw #1)-Goodreads Review

This story delivers everything you’d expect from a classic black and white crime noir movie-a gruesome murder, a murky unsolved cold case, and loads of nefarious suspects. However, Lisa Gray’s modern twist is to make her hard-nosed detective a female who suspects she’s been lied to by her late father.