I’m Fine and Neither are You-Goodreads Review

I'm Fine and Neither Are You

I’m Fine and Neither Are You

Author: Camille Pagán

Fiction: Contemporary Fiction
Tone: Written in first person, the main character is an unhappy working wife/mother who must deal with the loss of her best friend. She can be annoying at first, but keep reading and she will grow on you. Although some of the events may be depressing, the story treads lightly and features relatable humor. (Have you ever been stuck on the toilet without toilet paper?)
Take Away: Penny’s story is raw, honest, but ultimately full of hope. Life may not be perfect, but it can be packed with joy, meaning, and loving connections.
How I discovered this title: It was an Amazon First Reads title. As a Prime member, I can choose one free Kindle book each month.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

At first I found Penny-a stressed out wife, mother, and employee-whiny and unlikable. Her children annoy her. She thinks her stay-at-home husband is lazy, and she resents that her job has derailed her dreams. She longs for the picture perfect home of her best friend and successful lifestyle blogger, Jenny.

However when Jenny unexpectedly dies, Penny must face the truth. She didn’t know Jenny as well as she thought. As Penny deals with her grief, she begins to make changes. I found myself cheering for her as she worked to reconnect to her husband, children, and her own dreams.

As a side note, I’ve somehow hit on a reoccurring theme of grief. I’m not sure if this is particularly relevant to the current unconscious hive-mind or something more uniquely personal. Check out the following:

Maybe I’ll choose something lighter next…

Do you ever find that your reading and/or other media sometimes settle around a suprising theme? I’d love to hear about it. Please share in the comments.

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